michael stephen fuchs
Counter-Assault They are the most capable, committed, and indispensable counter-terrorist operators in the world.
They have no rivals for skill, speed, ferocity, intelligence, flexibility, and sheer resolve.
Now one of them is the enemy.

Alpha team leader Sergeant Major Eric Rheinhardt is retiring from the Unit – hanging up his guns and taking up a desk at the Pentagon. But now a ghost, and a lost love, have emerged from his past, dredging up a secret shame and past-due debt. Much worse, his old mentor and now nemesis has turned up on the payroll of the Iranian mullahs – training their proxy fighters in Hamas and Hizbullah, purchasing cyberwar talent and fissile material from the Chinese… and laying the groundwork for the fall of the Third Temple, the modern state of Israel.

The explosive collision of these two legendary operators will ultimately embroil Israeli special forces, Chinese hackers, squadrons of D-boys, Tier-1 SEAL teams, CIA paras, Iraqi spec-ops units, Kurdish Peshmerga fighters, hyper-skilled jihadis, and Iranian Revolutionary Guards – all in a no-holds-barred street fight for survival. Before it's over, the battlespace will be littered with armed robots, stealth drones, a nuclear-cruise-missile-armed submarine, a hijacked Soviet warship, shrieking helicopter crashes, radiological rocket attacks, hacker duels to the death (literally), vendettas, betrayals, reversals, feints, diversions, double crosses, disasters, dognapping, assassination attempts, one-in-a-million shots at victory, and unstoppable kill-crazy rampages.

Get ready for COUNTER-ASSAULT – where the action, tactics, high stakes, and blasts of sheer adrenaline assault off the page and do not relent. Exclusively from: Amazon.com | Amazon.co.uk.
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The D-Boys will return in 2013 in CLOSE QUARTERS BATTLE