michael stephen fuchs
D-Boys The world's most elite counter-terrorist operators.
A cyber-security guru suddenly getting shot at
and blown up rather more than usual.
And nuclear-armed terrorists rolling with impunity
through a lawless and brutal virtual world.

The year is now. Islamist terrorists hack into America's most sensitive defense networks, launch chemical weapons attacks on Western cities, and stage a raid on the vulnerable nuclear weapons storage facilities in Pakistan. They are using a massively-multiplayer online video game (or "virtual world") as a platform for planning and rehearsing their attacks – forcing a squad of supremely elite Delta Force operators (reinforced by a cyber-security expert from Homeland Security) to go inside the game to fight them.

But the fight only begins there. Get ready for breath-stealing action in every known battlespace – clockwork urban safehouse takedowns, combat helicopter assaults, brutal ambushes in the trackless mountains, waterborne SEAL team ops, precision close-quarters battle sequences, and CheyTac Intervention sniper rifle systems that can kill you from a mile and a half away.

Get ready for D-Boys – where the weapons, tactics, tech, and 21st-century warriors will be unlike anything you've ever read.

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The D-Boys return in COUNTER-ASSAULT – the second salvo in Michael Stephen Fuchs' series of high-concept, high-tech special operations military adventure novels.